Sign O' The Times...

The following was yanked from AT&T; TODAY, an internal electronic news bulletin for Minions of the Empire. They, in turn, grabbed it from the Wall Street Journal. It kind of speaks for itself.

   *** CAPTIVE MARKET -- Not long ago, little besides barbed wire,
   knife-proof vests and metal doors was on display at corrections
   conventions.  But a walk through this week's exhibit hall [at the
   American Correctional Association's winter meeting in Dallas]
   turns up products of all varieties.  AT&T; is promoting a service
   called Inmate Calling.  The prison market is growing faster than
   many others.  Added to the growth appeal of prison populations is
   the possibility of gaining tens of thousands of customers with one
   sale. [WSJ]  

[*sigh* Toronto, anyone? -n]

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